Benefits of Trees

  • Improve air quality
  • Cleanse soil and water
  • Protect against damaging floods
  • Regulate local climate
  • Provide shade and act as windbreaks
  • Help to control erosion
  • Soften city noise
  • Contribute beauty to urban landscapes.

Tree Care Tips

Basic Tree Maintenance  
What do trees need?

City Trees & Municipal Code
The City of Pittsburgh has municipal code that protects trees, allows for the creation of the Pittsburgh Shade Tree Commission and requires developers to plant trees as part of new construction.

The single most beneficial thing you can do for any tree is to mulch it properly.

Planting a Tree in the Public Right of Way/Sidewalk
Planting a Tree in the Public Right of Way

Tree Pit Gardening

Pittsburgh Urban Forest Master Plan:
A Road Map for the Effective Management of our Urban Forest

An Urban Forest Master Plan is a road map providing detailed information, recommendations and resources needed to effectively and proactively manage and grow a city’s tree canopy. More importantly, it provides a shared vision for the future of the urban forest to inspire and engage stakeholders in the care and protection of trees.

Learn more about the importance of an Urban Forest Master Plan here.

Many people were involved in the creation of the Urban Forest Master Plan. See a list of our partners.

Read the full Pittsburgh Urban Forest Master Plan


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    How many of your trees are sourced from local parks, forests and historic places?

    Approximately 60-percent.

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    Are your trees all native species?

    80% of our nursery stock are natives.

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    Do you follow sustainable practices?

    Yes, part of our mission is to do our part to preserve the planet as we beautify it. We use recycled pots, follow protocols to decrease energy usage, reuse products as often as possible, compost and more.

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    Why is it important to have diverse tree plantings?

    Planting different types of trees is good for the overall health of the urban forest, because if one type of tree becomes compromised, others will sustain the canopy. A diverse pallet of plant species also supports a wider ecosystem and strengthens the forest’s overall health, allowing it to provide greater services such as reduced flooding, mitigation of climate change, air purification and erosion control.

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    Are all of your trees grown in Pittsburgh?

    Yes, all of our seedlings and saplings are grown from seed in our Lawrenceville-based Heritage Nursery.